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Juicy and full of amazing flavor, this healthy version of the classic salisbury steak is one our whole family loves. The onion gravy is so delicious it feels like you are eating these flavorful turkey patties in a french onion soup. This mouth watering turkey salisbury steak recipe contains less calories and fat than the ground meat version without sacrificing any of the flavor.

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Thick and hearty and full of flavor, along with a nice kick, this Ground Turkey Meat Sauce is sure to please. This is a simple recipe to make, and adding just a few flavor enhancing ingredients makes this a delicious meat sauce your kids will love, and they won’t even know you are using turkey instead of beef!

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Juicy and packed with flavor, this Turkey Meatloaf is so good that you won’t miss the beef and pork used in traditional meatloaf. The glazed topping adds a sweet and smokey taste with just the right amount of heat, creating an incredibly delicious crust. This turkey meatloaf is a simple recipe that takes little time to prepare, perfect for a weeknight meal.

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Crunchy on the outside with a creamy, tangy interior creates a delightful grilled sandwich. This leaner twist of the classic reuben sandwich uses turkey instead of corn beef. Perfect for those Thanksgiving day leftovers, you can use either carved turkey or deli turkey meat in this Turkey reuben, also know as a Rachel sandwich. In addition to the melted cheese and yummy sauerkraut, our homemade version of Russian dressing makes this sandwich a special treat your family is sure to love.

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This Skillet Turkey Burger made without any breadcrumbs, is moist on the inside and has a crispy brown texture on the outside. One of our go to recipes for celebrating weekends at home! A healthy variation of the classic beef burger, this Low Carb Turkey Burger flavored with Parmesan cheese and Worcestershire sauce is made slowly on stove top and is a must-try recipe as every bite is super tasty!

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Hearty, healthy, and bursting with flavor…this Three Bean Turkey Chili is a family favorite. The assortment of rich spices and thick texture is an incredibly enticing combination. Packed with protein and fiber, this satisfying meal is perfect for dinners and school lunches. Chili used to be something you would eat when it’s cold outside…with this …

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